Jaque Thay is a young author with a degree in Creative and Professional Writing who works earns his living from proofreading and editing other people's work. One day he would love to be rich and famous from his own writing instead. To date several of his short stories have been published through small presses and Deadstar Publishing have released two themed collections of his short stories. Both are available through the store or ordered from your local bookshop.

When he isn't working to improve or correct other peoples' works he writes. Most of his spare time is currently spent completing his first full-length novel, A Name Amongst The Stars, and searching for an artist to work with on his comic book Neklok P.I. Jaque is in the process of developing two other comic book scripts and will soon start seeking artists for those too. He has been actively involved in Oxfam's Bookfest fortnight since 2009 and in 2010 performed three readings alongside Lynda Nash.

On the odd occaision when he is not writing, he enjoys watching sci-fi films, reading comic books and sleeping.